Oakley military version SI Fuel Cell sunglasses brief

Oakley this brand in the military circle, outdoor circle and fashion circle is already well known, there is no need to introduce too much. Compared to other eyewear brands, cheap Oakley products are of good quality, sporty and fashionable are very strong, it is O fans fans are obvious to all (of course, O product is expensive and must be … …). In daily life, the practicality of sunglasses compared to other goggles to be stronger. Sunglasses can not only play a role in blocking the sun, and wear is also very handsome. Here, the author for everyone in a US military in the high rate of military models of sunglasses – Oakley SI Fuel Cell sunglasses.

From the lens point of view, Fuel Cell uses POLARIC ELLIPSOID patented technology, high-definition gray lenses, in line with the United States ANSI Z87.1 standard. This lens is very high optical accuracy, glare blocking rate of up to 99%, the user wearing sunglasses when the basic will not produce a sense of vertigo. Lens of the flank protection is relatively strong, in the use of windy weather can effectively avoid the side of the air flow on the eye attack. Daily use, the lens can be 100% filtered out of ultraviolet (UV) and some harmful blue light. But must mention that the lens does not have the ability to prevent laser radiation, if the user has this demand, be sure to buy the relevant professional goggles use. Overall, the quality of the lenses used by cheap Oakley is very good.

The Fuel Cell’s frame is made of Oakley’s unique O MATTER material. The weight of this frame is very light and the compressive power is strong, and the user does not have to worry about the accidental break of the frame. The outline of the frame design is also more avant-garde, the lines look very tough, but not like some tactical product design so exaggerated, Fuel Cell belongs to the kind of relatively low-key tactical products. Frame with three-point fit technology, the frame can be perfect with the user’s face fit, to maximize the comfort. At the same time, can also optimize the viewing angle of sunglasses. Fuel Cell’s mirror legs with O-metal logo, this design should be regarded as Oakley’s unique style. Overall, Oakley products are more beautiful aesthetics.

In Oakley’s product sequence, the product labeled “SI” (Standard Issue) is part of the military version of the product. As the Fuel Cell are more popular, so this sunglasses both military version, but also the people version. Military Fuel Cell frame for the matt black, and the civilian version of the Fuel Cell frame color is very much. But in the photo, but also often able to see some US soldiers to wear the people version of the Fuel Cell sunglasses. It is worth mentioning that Oakley and CP company jointly launched the all-terrain camouflage version of Fuel Cell sunglasses, it has been a lot of military fans close attention. At the same time, Oakley launched the US flag version of the SI Fuel Cell sunglasses on the market, it was O fans fans sold out, and now the flag version of the Fuel Cell has been difficult to buy. Flag version of the fuel Cell part of the metal part of the metal logo with the American flag color (divided into the dark flag and color flag two versions), in the purchase of this version of the sunglasses, Oakley will be presented with the factory a US flag color glasses bags, So very valuable collection.

Oakley sunglasses product quality is good enough, the design is also enough fashion, and in the country is easy to buy, but the problem is that its product prices have been high. For the kind of commemorative version of the Fuel Cell sunglasses, it is even more expensive. I believe that Oakley’s products are still in the domestic luxury category, not all players are born from the burden.

The Oakley EVZero Range Photochromic cycling sunglasses review

Oakley’s frameless EVZero Range Photochromic cycling sunglasses

Oakley has a highly deserved reputation for its quality of cycling glasses, so when you understand these are touted as its lightest sports performance offerings, it sets you up to expect something special — and it’s safe to say I wasn’t disappointed.

Out of the case they’re incredibly light (weighing in at around 25g), which on the bike translates into a barely-there feel but what’s instantly noticeable is the uninterrupted sight line.

The frameless lens sits high on the nose so that when you dip your head and look slightly up — as you do on a bike — there’s no line cutting across your field of vision.

The sticky rubber on the arms and nosepiece, which goes by the name Unobtainium, holds the replica oakley sunglasses securely in place, even if things gets sweaty (in fact, it gets grippier) and that’s not just a good thing when you’re riding hard — these are so light that at certain angles the wind can get behind the lenses and you feel them ‘float’ slightly off your face. They never go anywhere, but it is testament to their impressively lightweight performance.

The lens quality is superb and distortion-free but best of all — and probably the game-changer — is that, quite simply, these cheap oakley sunglasses don’t steam up.

Combine that with the improved field of vision and can-hardly-feel-them-on-your-face performance and that makes them an investment worth making.

Limited edition replica Oakley glasses celebrate the Tour de France

Oakley has released its limited edition Tour de France range ahead of the biggest race of the year in July


Oakley has released its limited edition cycling replica sunglasses range ahead of The Tour de France that begins in July.

The glasses are a celebration of the race, which Oakley call the “ultimate human endurance challenge”, with a heritage as steep as cheap Oakley’s own in the cycling world.

The eyewear specialist has comprehensively decked out its range, including its lightweight, minimal Evzero model, its Radar range and the hugely popular Jawbreaker glasses.


All three ranges come with replica Oakley’s famous Prizm lens technology that fine tunes individual colours to enhance road details when out riding.

In particular, the lens brightens whites and enhances yellows, greens and reds so the riders can see subtle changes in road texture as well as hazards.


Prices start from the £160 for the Evzero Path Prizm replica sunglasses, while the Radar options are £175 and the Jawbreakers come in at £195.

Oakley replica sunglasses are the choice of the pro peloton really, with some of the biggest names and teams, Dimension Data, Trek-Segafredo and BMC Racing Team to name a few choosing to race in the glasses.

The Best Cheap Sunglasses For Every Sport

Boost your performance with the Oakley’s activity-specific lenses

Did you know the color of your lenses can actually impact your performance? Sporting equipment companies make different colored lenses for nearly every outdoor activity you can imagine. Oakley launched what they call Prizm Lens Technology in October 2014, but has been building on the line ever since. The company debuted a collection of goggles for snow sports this year that fine-tunes vision specifically for winter conditions, accentuating certain colors to help you see contrast in the snow.

Oakley outlet isn’t the only brand making sport-specific shades, though. Brands like REI, Nike, and Wiley-X offer similar technology. Whether you’re a skier, golfer, runner, or biker, there’s a unique lens that will help you see more detail, depth, and definition. Read on for highlights from Oakley’s latest line of sport-specific sunglasses and goggles.


The Best Cheap Sunglasses For Road Biking

Opt for the red-tinted road lenses if you’re running or road biking this summer. The cheap Oakley Prizm Road lenses will improve your vision in both bright light and shadows. Traffic lights, yellow lines, and imperfections on the road will become more vibrant and distinguished.

“We do this by making those surfaces and that dominant black surface richer and deeper,” says Wayne Chumbley, the vision performance lab manager at Oakley outlet. “All the other colors on that black surface like tar, dirt, and paint lines become more vibrant. Black absorbs all color, making it difficult to see contrast on. By making the surface darker and richer, we are building contrast to help you see better.”


The Best Goggles For Skiing

Snow environments are dominated by white and lack any particular color. Oakley’s Prizm Inferno Line Miner Snow Goggle accentuates cyan and reds, enhancing contrast in the snow. That means no more surprise bumps or sudden sunlight blindness while shredding downhill.

You can further specialize your lens selection based on the conditions of a particular day. For overcast days, Oakley outlet makes rose-tinted goggles that make it easier for you to distinguish the grey sky from the white snow while you’re standing at the top of the mountain. For super sunny days, the Prizm Black Iridium will allow you to see shadows and rollovers on the slopes, and protect your eyes from blinding sunlight.

These goggles have another cool feature: You can combat fog with a push of a button. When your goggles begin to fog, simply press a button on the side of the goggles and uniformed heating will activate across the lens, causing the fog to evaporate. Think of it as a defroster for your face.


The Best Cheap Sunglasses For Golf

Read the greens and gauge distance more accurately with the violet-tinted Prizm Golf lenses. It improves contrast, which helps you distinguish breaks on the green and gives you more cues to gauge how far you are from the green and the grass conditions in between.


The Best Sunglasses For Water Sports

Prizm Deep Water Polarized lenses filter out the shades of blue that overwhelm your vision on open water. Whether you’re tubing, fishing, or driving your jet ski, you’ll want these lenses to better see below the surface any time you’re on the water. The added polarization cuts through the glare of the water.

Silver Prizm Shallow Water Polarized lenses are perfect for fishers. They boost green and copper hues that define hiding spots and maintain bright whites to spot the fish and flies more easily. They also help detect the fish’s shadows underwater, according to Oakley.


The Best Cheap Sunglasses For the Trails

You can bike, hike, and run knowing that you won’t wipe out while wearing the red-tinted replica Oakley Prizm Trail Lenses. These replica sunglasses are engineered to enhance the definition of reds and browns, allowing you to see and react faster to creases and patches of sand, roots, and rocks.

“Color separation is the key,” says Chumbley. “This lens allows you to identify texture and hazards, giving you the ultimate depth perception needed at the high speeds of off-road mountain biking.”

New Oakley Radar Pace replica sunglasses outlet

Intel signed a deal with Oakley’s parent company Luxottica back in 2014 to create the next big thing in smart performance eyewear. Fast-forward to January 2017 and three-time Ironman Hawaii champion Craig Alexander is strolling beneath the bright lights of Las Vegas’ annual Consumer Electronics Show… looking very much like he’d stepped out in 2004.

That’s because the first thing that strikes you about the Radar Pace replica sunglasses is its similarity to Oakley’s maiden effort in this visual-audio field, the Thump, 12 years ago. “So what’s the difference,” you may ask? As it transpires, plenty…

Oakley Radar Pace spec overview

They come with built-in earpieces, Bluetooth connectivity, ANT+ and multiple microphones

While the Thump’s feature list comprised music and, well, that was it, the Radar Pace is much smarter, featuring a voice-activated real-time coaching system. So it’s goodbye physical training partner and hello to frames that are loaded with removable earphones, three microphones and numerous internal sensors. We’re talking an accelerometer, gyroscope, humidity sensor and even a barometer, all in the name of measuring and guiding your performance.

You can also pair the glasses with a myriad of further sensors including power meters, foot pods, heart rate monitor, and speed and cadence sensors via Bluetooth or ANT+ connectivity. This not only ups the data feedback but also highlights its intended use for both cycling and running.

The hub for all this data is your smartphone, via the dedicated Oakley Radar Pace app (iOS/Android). Once downloaded the app is good: easy to navigate, intuitive and, core to the Radar Pace’s USP, featuring a customisable training plan (though you can train ‘freeform’ if you so wish). Away from the session feedback, you can also take phone calls and listen to music, served wirelessly from your smartphone.

Oakley Radar Pace personalised training plans

The Oakley Radar Pace app is a polished affair

You’re then asked how far can you bike or run and still do a workout the next day before choosing your goal event. For cycling, this includes 50- and 100-mile sportives and, rather incongruously, a 180km time-trial. You then put in the date of the event, which must be between six and 14 weeks away for the software to roll out a suitable training plan.

Now this is the impressive bit. First it gives you individual sessions based on the four performance parameters of strength, stamina, speed and technique, balancing harder workouts with recovery workouts, and harder weeks with the occasional recovery week. This information is then conveyed to the Radar Pace so that when you ask what your workout is for that day, the technology responds.

It’s here that ‘dataphiles’ will truly benefit from syncing to power meters and the like because you’re not only given real-time feedback about, for instance, current wattage, but the system adjusts training sessions and intensity as time goes on to adjust more accurately to your fitness level. Rather neatly, it’ll also tweak your training plan if you miss a session.

But, again, we question its worth to the intended audience. Competitive athletes’ training plans are pretty much honed down after years of trial and error. Are they really going to rely on a piece of software that doesn’t provide the detail and breadth of something like Training Peaks? We’d certainly like to see an update where you could use your own training sessions, though it is possible to upload workouts to Strava.

Away from the session feedback, you can also take phone calls and listen to music but this simply highlights another Achilles heel of the Radar Pace – you’re tied to your smartphone. For us, wearable technology succeeds when you’re liberated from smartphones or other devices, not reliant on it. It makes you question why simply looking at a head unit on your handlebars can’t do the same job, which doesn’t require the potential safety issue of cycling along with earbuds in.

Oakley Radar Pace price and availability

From the front they look a lot like the Radarlock Path, which we like a lot

The Radar Pace will cost £400/$449 (Aussie pricing TBC), and is on sale now. It comes with a clear lens – useful for the off-season; and also comes with bag and protective case. Oh, and it weighs 56g, which is nearly double that of our usual go-to glasses, the cheap Oakley Radarlock Path.

Oakley Radar Pace vs. the competition

The Recon Jet smart glasses pack a heads-up display and a forward-facing camera

As we mentioned in our intro to this hands-on review, Oakley Radar Pace isn’t the only smart eyewear for cyclists. We’ve seen the Recon Jet replica glasses, which impressively pack a heads-up display, navigation and forward-facing camera. Though our reviewer felt that this could be distracting – and aren’t yet good enough that we’d recommend risking using it if you live in a left-side driving nation.

There’s also the confusingly named Sportiiii 4iiii, which is basically a heads-up displays that clips onto your existing sports replica sunglasses, giving you instant performance feedback without having to take your eyes off the road.