Oakley military version SI Fuel Cell sunglasses brief

Oakley this brand in the military circle, outdoor circle and fashion circle is already well known, there is no need to introduce too much. Compared to other eyewear brands, cheap Oakley products are of good quality, sporty and fashionable are very strong, it is O fans fans are obvious to all (of course, O product is expensive and must be … …). In daily life, the practicality of sunglasses compared to other goggles to be stronger. Sunglasses can not only play a role in blocking the sun, and wear is also very handsome. Here, the author for everyone in a US military in the high rate of military models of sunglasses – Oakley SI Fuel Cell sunglasses.

From the lens point of view, Fuel Cell uses POLARIC ELLIPSOID patented technology, high-definition gray lenses, in line with the United States ANSI Z87.1 standard. This lens is very high optical accuracy, glare blocking rate of up to 99%, the user wearing sunglasses when the basic will not produce a sense of vertigo. Lens of the flank protection is relatively strong, in the use of windy weather can effectively avoid the side of the air flow on the eye attack. Daily use, the lens can be 100% filtered out of ultraviolet (UV) and some harmful blue light. But must mention that the lens does not have the ability to prevent laser radiation, if the user has this demand, be sure to buy the relevant professional goggles use. Overall, the quality of the lenses used by cheap Oakley is very good.

The Fuel Cell’s frame is made of Oakley’s unique O MATTER material. The weight of this frame is very light and the compressive power is strong, and the user does not have to worry about the accidental break of the frame. The outline of the frame design is also more avant-garde, the lines look very tough, but not like some tactical product design so exaggerated, Fuel Cell belongs to the kind of relatively low-key tactical products. Frame with three-point fit technology, the frame can be perfect with the user’s face fit, to maximize the comfort. At the same time, can also optimize the viewing angle of sunglasses. Fuel Cell’s mirror legs with O-metal logo, this design should be regarded as Oakley’s unique style. Overall, Oakley products are more beautiful aesthetics.

In Oakley’s product sequence, the product labeled “SI” (Standard Issue) is part of the military version of the product. As the Fuel Cell are more popular, so this sunglasses both military version, but also the people version. Military Fuel Cell frame for the matt black, and the civilian version of the Fuel Cell frame color is very much. But in the photo, but also often able to see some US soldiers to wear the people version of the Fuel Cell sunglasses. It is worth mentioning that Oakley and CP company jointly launched the all-terrain camouflage version of Fuel Cell sunglasses, it has been a lot of military fans close attention. At the same time, Oakley launched the US flag version of the SI Fuel Cell sunglasses on the market, it was O fans fans sold out, and now the flag version of the Fuel Cell has been difficult to buy. Flag version of the fuel Cell part of the metal part of the metal logo with the American flag color (divided into the dark flag and color flag two versions), in the purchase of this version of the sunglasses, Oakley will be presented with the factory a US flag color glasses bags, So very valuable collection.

Oakley sunglasses product quality is good enough, the design is also enough fashion, and in the country is easy to buy, but the problem is that its product prices have been high. For the kind of commemorative version of the Fuel Cell sunglasses, it is even more expensive. I believe that Oakley’s products are still in the domestic luxury category, not all players are born from the burden.